The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ is extremely lucky to have the help, support, and guidance of many individuals, professionals, businesses, and organizations. As a small token of recognition we have listed their names under the applicable program they have supported. A sincere Thank You is extended to each and every one represented. Please keep a keen eye on this list because it will be constantly growing. As we continue to leverage skills, ignite passions, and build futures through partnerships with individuals and entities the goals of our mission become more and more realized.

Program Sponsors

The Holiday Toy Drive

To become a sponsor of The Holiday Toy Drive, please visit the program’s Sponsorship page.

$5,000 • Building Blocks

Building Blocks Sponsors aide in forming the foundation for constructing and strengthening The Holiday Toy Drive, not only for this year, but for years to come.

Help us build a bright future. Become a Building Blocks sponsor today!

$2,500 • Model Train Car

Model Train Car Sponsors help us form integral connections that will help move our success forward, together.

Help us chug on down the tracks by becoming a Model Train Car sponsor today!

$1,000 • Art Kit

Art Kit Sponsors stir imagination through color, for whatever the mind’s eye can see, to make special things we are proud to share with others.

Become an art kit sponsor today!

$500 • Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Sponsors help us share the love that everyone understands a special Teddy Bear represents.

Become a teddy bear sponsor today!

$100 • Doll

Doll Sponsors help us remember how special a single little doll can bring so much joy to a child.

Be a doll and become a sponsor today!

Special Thanks To

With the support of the following individuals and businesses, The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ was initially created.