As a physical representation of an open source community, the people are the most important part of the system; we must all work together! Although more of an abstract concept within ZIPPER JUNCTION™, citizenry and cooperation are still very important, earning them a unique cog in the overall mechanism.

Open source is a term born within the computer programming world that describes a philosophy of creating software that has code open to others to see, use, improve upon, and continually reinvent. The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ intends to operate in all aspects as an open source organization as well as an open source facility. In that vein, logic dictates that we will need to have a strong citizenry vision as well as unmatched cooperation throughout. The citizenry refers to both the many people that will operate the programs, activities, and facilities of ZIPPER JUNCTION™ as well as everyone we invite to participate. Good character, proper behavior, tolerance, honesty, integrity; all will be part of a ZIPPER JUNCTION™ citizen, and we will require it to participate. Cooperation is closely linked to open source as collaboration often takes place to build a better mouse trap. Unlike large institutions like universities or large companies, ZIPPER JUNCTION™ will not suffer from individual departments tugging at resources without regard for others’ needs. The concept is more of a fully functioning machine that needs all its parts working together, supporting each other, and keeping the overall mission in mind. Needless to say, cooperation will also be extended outside the walls of ZIPPER JUNCTION™ to the endless people, organizations, and institutions we will interact with.

Multi-Ethnic Group of People and Community Concepts