The reason behind The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ is to expose people to opportunities and experiences in order to help them find their passion and learn about it! Although not a traditional school at all, there are many forms of learning and education that will take place in all facets of the operation.

The original concept for ZIPPER JUNCTION™ began as a CTC, a Career and Technical Center for some local school districts located within Pike and Wayne Counties in Northeast Pennsylvania. These two counties, two of three counties in all of Pennsylvania that did not have access to such a facility, drove the initial educational aspect. What is now being proposed is much bolder, more comprehensive, and totally innovative. Every part of the public and operational sides of ZIPPER JUNCTION™ will have to meet a very simple test in order to be included at all. All the activities will be designed to feed off each other in a positive way. More importantly, ALL activities must allow for learning about, and education of, their unique processes. To put it simply, all internal departments will work together for the greatest good of the overall operation while simultaneously allowing and facilitating their inner operational workings to the general public for observance, to “students” of various types, as well as the continued advancement of those who operate the programs and facilities. Learning and education will be woven into everything, everywhere, all the time!